grange_MG_9379 grange_MG_9400 grange_MG_9408 grange_MG_9432 grange_MG_9457 grange_MG_9464 grange_MG_9483 grange_MG_9513 grange_MG_9532 grange_MG_9555 grange_MG_9560 grange_MG_9561v1A recently located family from Melbourne required an entire make over for the living areas with an aesthetic that was warm and inviting – definitely a family home that reflected their personality. Every item of furniture was sourced or custom made and great effort was made to ensure all 4 living spaces flowed and complemented one another with a dash of quirkiness in between! These delightful clients trusted us to meet their brief and were very much involved in the entire process.