At MHI we create spaces with heart & soul that are the essence of who you are and where you have come from, vibrant and energizing, reflecting who you want to be, empowered to flirt with a little creativity. The end result is a truly bespoke combination that is all you. Grounded yet adventurous, functional yet beautiful, comfortable yet award-winning.

Honouring your family’s heritage and traditions, we focus on re-using, reviving and updating existing pieces to reflect who you are. By strategically sourcing and making new, well-crafted additions, we complement the existing and add a touch of creative flair to provide a harmonious space in which to thrive.

The autobiography of your life must be told with integrity and a “little quirkiness” like mine, which reflects my heritage of being born African of Germanic traditions and origin and where I now find myself embracing a new culture with it’s own story to tell.

How exciting! How real! How humbling! 

This empowering experience allows me to amplify and explore opportunities for you and to exceed your expectations.

In turn, MHI conceptualize internal spaces that are aligned with our client’s vision therefore the design services we offer focus on the importance of who you are and with what you already have.

By sourcing and custom designing through specified wholesalers and suppliers and by revisiting existing pieces we ensure the synergy we create between old and new reflects an atmosphere in which you wish to live.

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